The Preservation of Democracy Act

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The Preservation of Democracy Act (popularly known as PoDA) is the pre-eminent law in Liberalia. All other functions of Liberalian Democracy have regard to it in particular, the Prime Minister, Guardian Council and Parliament

Clause 1. It is the understanding of all who ratify this Bill that it cannot be repealed, revoked or in any way reversed once it has been approved by a two thirds majority of the parliament of WWSETI. Also, if any move is made to amend this legislation, it cannot under any circumstances remove the core details of this Bill. Any alternations must be superficial or be made to information or details that have since the publication of this document become irrelevant. This does not allow for the changing of any of the philosophical or political ideas set forward here. This Bill CANNOT be significantly altered once it has been ratified.

Clause 2. The measures included in this Bill, such as the idea that it cannot be repealed, must not be considered applicable to all Bills which pass before this parliament. Let this Bill be considered unique, for the ideals which it contains and seeks to safeguard are the ideals of Liberalia itself and are not negotiable. This Bill aims to protect the hard-won freedoms of the nations and Sovereign Region of Liberalia. As such, all other pieces of legislation which pass through the approval of this parliament are subject to the criticism and alteration of its members and are entirely reversible. This Bill is not.

Clause 3. All who survey this Bill once it has been ratified are reminded that it was instituted by due democratic process by competent and independent individuals. Let it be known also that every opportunity was given for it to be rejected or opposed on all levels in this region.

Clause 4. The Nations and Regional Community of Liberalia hereby pledge their indefinite commitment to democratic values. As such, Liberalia will always be a democracy from the time of the publication of this document, with no exemptions. Any efforts to impose or enforce dictatorial rule over the people and nations of Liberalia will be considered an attack upon the region itself and is hereby declared illegal. Any nation which is found guilty of this will be immediately expelled from Liberalia's parliament, and following a conviction by fair trial, will be expelled from the region itself. These sentences are obligatory and cannot be commuted.

Clause 5. The people of Liberalia, should the parliament be corrupted or compromised in a major way, will rely on the executive branch of government, namely the Guardian Council of the region, to govern the region. The Guardian Council of Liberalia is afforded the right to rule the region alone should an emergency of this nature arise and is afforded emergency powers to dissolve Liberalia's parliament, should the need arise. It is the responsibility of the Guardian Council to meet any threat which is presented to the parliament.

Clause 6. The undersigned elected representatives of the people of Liberalia hereby pledge that they will protect the democratic freedoms and principles of the region by supporting and signing this Bill. Once approved by a two thirds majority, all elected officials must sign this Bill and their support of the ideals that it contains. Failure to do so will result in them being unable to take up their seat in parliament. Should a parliament choose to ignore the vital ideals set forth in this document, it will no longer be considered to be fulfilling its natural purpose and will be subject to the actions of the Guardian Council of Liberalia.

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